Menu Ambré 35€

Le Chef “Artisan-Cuisinier” Michaël Chassigneux propose for you

Poched egg from « La Ferme des Alberts », candied duck leg patty,
creamy button mushroom broth
Marinated Scottish organic salmon with dill, green lentil salad, quail egg,
vinaigrette of sarriette’s herb from Queyras
Fish of the day,  cake with tomme of cheese from « Pralong », carrot mousseline,
blackcurrant fish stock
Pork cheek cooked at law temperature, potatoe with half salted butter,
red wine sauce
Extra cheese plate 10€
Focaccia sweet version, black chocolate, fresh raspberries,
basil and raspberry sorbet
Corn’s crispy, plum and cream « diplomate » creamy,
pop corn and caramel ice-cream
Cheese Plate ( Supplement of 5 € instead of the desert) 

Cheese Plate in Supplement of Menus 10€