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Le Chef “Artisan-Cuisinier” Michaël Chassigneux propose for you

Home made foie gras terrine from « Castaing », mango chutney,
coconut with curry and nuts ice-cream
Burrata and crab meat candy, pickled winter vegetables and salad, dill sauce

Main courses
Roasted scallops, cauliflower mousseline, crispy of potatoes, strong poultry juice  
« Limousine » fillet of beef, golden ball turnip puree, salsify with almonds powder, red wine sauce
Cheese Plate (Instead of the Desert + 5€)
Desert (To choose on Desert Menu)

Starter / Main dish or Main dish / Desert  40€ /  
Starter / Main dish / Desert  48€

All our dishes house made, they are prepared on site from raw products.
And can come to evolve with the market

Cheese Plate in Supplement of Menus 9€
Exotic version opera, passion fruits, pineapple and mango sorbet
Citrus panna cotta, Timut pepper meringues, lime sorbet
Chestnuts millefeuille pastry, walnut nougatine, chocolate whipped cream, gingerbread ice cream
Chartreuse Iced Soufflé 
( in supplement of the menu "Ambré" + 5€)

Suggested wines by the glass to accompany your dessert

Domaine Cazes-Rivesaltes  Grenat  Bio AOC         2014    7€ (11cl)

Kid’s Menu 20€
The Chef will prepare one meal and one desert