À la carte

Le Chef “Artisan-Cuisinier” Michaël Chassigneux propose for you

Medium-boiled egg from « La ferme des Alberts », beaufort cheese bouillon,
dried beef meat from the Alpes, brioche croutons with butter
Grilled scampi and mushrooms panna cotta, thin slices d’andouille of Guimenée

Main courses
Scallops and black pudding, cauliflower velvet, poultry juice with white truffle oil
Roasted quasi of veal with thyme, crispy of potatoes with herbs,
jerusalem artichoke, foie gras juice
Cheese Plate (Instead of the Desert + 5€)
Desert (To choose on Desert Menu)

Starter / Main dish or Main dish / Desert  42€ /  
Starter / Main dish / Desert  49€

All our dishes house made, they are prepared on site from raw products.
And can come to evolve with the market

Cheese Plate in Supplement of Menus 10€
Lemon macaroon, citrus salad, cardamom coulis,
white chocolate whipped cream
Ukrainian sweet, Hautes- Alpes’ version, apple and company
Poached pear with red wine and spices, chiboust cream with Dulcey chocolate,
almonds crumble
Vacherin with green Chartreuse
( in supplement of the menu "Ambré" + 5€)

Please do not hesitate to ask us our selection of sweet wines by the glass


Kid’s Menu 23€
The Chef will prepare one meal and one desert